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E-book by Marek Gold

Manual for survival. Keys to freedom. Infinite wisdom eternal. How to master your life.

This E-Book shows you how to create the things in your life that you desire. The methods to do this and the universal laws behind them are all explained.
A major aim of the book is to help you understand the principles of manifestation. If we understand how something works we've a better chance of being able to use it.

These principles are laid out in an easy to follow step by step manner which build progressively and logically. When we understand something then we're more likely to have greater confidence and belief that it will work because we see how it works.
Here is where this book differs from many others which may only tell you what to do but not why or how it works. I've tried to bridge this gap.

Put what you read into practice and the results can be far reaching beyond anything that you may now imagine. So good luck. Your life is in your hands. Take charge then, and ride your chariot into the land of your dreams.

Happy transformations

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The following are Excerpts from the book

Transform Your Life

The book as the title implies deals with bringing about transformation in our life. It shows how we can create a greater life. No one needs to be limited by any unwanted circumstances. We can all be masters of our destiny and create a beautiful, abundant and happy life for ourselves.

The book shows clearly in a step by step way how to do it.


I dedicate this book to all who desire greater freedom and fulfilment in their lives.


Ever since I can remember I often had the experience of a voice, if you like speaking inside me. This usually happened during times of quiet contemplation. I would just relax, focus my attention on Spirit and open up to Divine guidance.

Almost without exception this voice would start to fill my consciousness with incredible wisdom on nearly any topic imaginable. Wisdom that absolutely astounded me. And wisdom that I knew people needed desperately. I also knew that I had to somehow give this out. Most of the time though, I never bothered to write it down.

Well one day in early 1992 I got a strong urge to write a book. It was at a time when not much else seemed to be going on in my life so why not write a book so to speak.

The logical next step of course was to decide what to write about. I thought about this deeply and asked myself a few questions such as, "What do I want?" and "What do people need to know?" I also knew that to flow with Spirit, the answers to the questions had to harmonize.

There were of course many things that I might have wanted. I could have made a list of specific items e.g. new car, house etc. But this seemed a bit superfluous since the list could have gone on forever.

Again I contemplated further and then it dawned on me that there was one thing that I wanted that totally encompassed everything else. And if I was to attain just this one goal then all else would follow as a direct consequence. That seemed a much better approach.

Well this one thing was simply the ability to create (manifest) anything at all that I desired in life.

If I knew how to do this then all else would naturally follow. It was also something that people really needed to know. If I was to succeed in getting the message out then it had to be presented in a very logical simple manner and in a way that people could easily understand. So this was what I put out to Spirit. And the little book you are about to read is what I got.

One night I sat down and began to write. Away I went and over a period of about a month this manuscript eventuated. It just poured out. I could not stop it. A continuous dialogue stream filled my mind and I just had to get it down on paper.

It was an extremely painstaking job from the typing aspect since all that I had was an old manual typewriter. Also I'd never typed before. It was a total two finger typing affair. As you can imagine I was constantly fixing mistakes and throwing out heaps of paper to get it down how it wanted to flow. Anyway after about another month and much whiteout I finally got some semblance completed.

As it often happens my life circumstances changed. I was forced to devote my energies elsewhere and the manuscript was basically shelved. It lay dormant till now, the beginning of the new millennium. After a long journey in other fields I once again found myself with an urge to write.

So what better place to start than with a book I'd already mostly completed even if it was written some years ago. During the rewriting of this book I was tempted to make some major changes to the text. I thought that because times had changed and my views were now perhaps different it would be appropriate to update the book to keep it "current" but then a voice inside me said "No, don't touch it ! Leave it essentially as it is. That's the way it came out. That's the way it should be presented." So that is what I did. Left it essentially as is.

The way you see it here is just about exactly as it came except for some very minor changes. This is not surprising. When you think about it Infinite Wisdom never really changes. Although it's true that some teachings do need to be updated to keep pace with progress, the messages contained here are beyond time and space. They're relevant to any time, place or culture.

Despite it's small size the book contains an immense amount of knowledge. To get Its maximum benefit I strongly recommend taking it slowly. Use it somewhat as a manual. A practical "how to" guide. A little at a time. Refer back to it frequently. And whatever you do do not forget the messages within.

Keep doing the exercises contained within it to constantly remind yourself of our divinity and infinite resources within. Remember we ARE the master. We owe it to ourselves to create the life we dream of.

Abundance, happiness and freedom is ours if we will but claim our birthright.

Happy journey. Lots of love and see you at the top.

Marek Gold


In this day and age life is moving at an incredibly fast pace. Technology is advancing exponentially. Human awareness is taking huge leaps and bounds. However, it seems that our future is still full of uncertainty. Every day it appears to be getting harder and harder just to stay afloat let alone get ahead.

This is because as life speeds up, challenges come before us at ever increasing frequencies. Sometimes even the smallest task can become a major undertaking. It almost seems that we are defeated before we start.

So take heart. There is hope. There are still opportunities in life. In fact despite all appearances there are greater opportunities than ever for those who are ready to seize them.

We can bring positive changes into our existence and create a life in tune with our true desires. The methods by which to achieve this are presented in the book. The basic principles are nothing new. In fact, the laws for manifestation never really change. They are the same today as they always have been. There is also much other good material available which deals with similar knowledge.

But the times are changing and the world we live in is vastly different from what it was in the past. People are becoming more aware of a greater reality and higher truths.

Belief systems and comfort zones need to move on to meet the needs of a modern civilization. We're demanding more precise and deeper wisdom into the mysteries of life. With that in mind, this book has been written.

A major aim of the book is to help you understand the principles of manifestation. If we understand how something works we've a better chance of being able to use it.

When we understand something then we're more likely to have greater confidence and belief that it will work because we see how it works.

Here is where this book differs from many others which may only tell you what to do but not why or how it works. I've tried to bridge this gap.

It should be noted that the book is not meant to be entertaining as such and does not beat around the bush. There's no excess padding. It's for the person who likes to go direct to the source of Wisdom. Short, concise and straight to the point. The methods are simple and anybody can learn them.

It's not intended to prove, justify or disprove anything. I'm not here to try to convince anyone of anything. This in not an intellectual argument. The premises are laid out loud and clear. You can either take it or leave it. The choice is yours.

I highly advise that at first read the book slowly from beginning to end, chapter by chapter. Then read it again and again. The content builds progressively. Each chapter is a prerequisite to the next. Just like a house you need to build the foundations before you can build the roof.

Don't, however, be fooled by the smallness of the book. Its implications are endless. Read between the lines and feel the vibrations which emanate, that are beyond words. The principles outlined are directly applicable to all areas of life, although in the beginning it may not be apparent.

Put what you read into practice and the results can be far reaching beyond anything that we may now imagine. So good luck. Your life is in your hands. Take charge then, and ride your chariot into the land of your dreams.

We're all Unique

Before we embark on this journey I feel it is important to to mention a few very critical points.

We are all different!

That's right just as every grain of sand on a beach or every leaf on a tree is different and individual from every other, so are we. I am not so much referring to our physical looks here. Obviously we all look different from each other. What I mean is that our inner makeup or nature is individual. Let me explain what I mean by an example.

Without going into great esoteric detail, our life journey on earth is all about experiencing the certain things and learning the particular lessons that are needed for our personal growth. It's very similar and can be likened to enrolling for a particular course or seminar that we're interested in pursuing.

So let's draw a bit of a parallel. Imagine a group of people booking in to study say a yoga course where upon completion a certificate of merit is presented. Remember we're just drawing an analogy here but the points made are very relevant to our life.

If we look at this situation what are some of the observations we can make about this?

Well firstly there are no guarantees that everyone is going to finish the course and get the certificate at the end. Even though the course is available to all there may be an endless number of reasons why this is so. We don't need to explore them in depth.

But for the sake of illustration imagine that half way through the course one person lands a windfall in a lottery and then decides to go to the Pacific Islands for a tropical holiday the next day. Or imagine another person simply has a change of interest and decides to drop out of the yoga course a few days after they start and pursue golf instead or something else. So the conclusions we can draw from this are:
Everyone is given equal opportunity to do the course however there are no guarantees that everyone will finish.

Yes even though we are all given equal opportunity we may at any time change out minds and pursue something completely different. So there are no guarantees of results in life because we all can change our minds at any time.

Now take it a little further. Once again because we're all different, every person doing the yoga course will have come from a totally different background. For example one student may have already done many yoga courses before and be very experienced and flexible in the body. For another person this may be the first yoga training they have ever done and it will be all quite new. Well most likely it will be a bit of a harder slog for the new person than the experienced.

From this it can be seen that:
Everyone will find the degree of difficulty in doing the course very different.

Of course this does not mean that the novice will not finish the course because it is harder for him than the seasoned yogi. In fact he may surpass the experienced student entirely and eventually get the certificate while the more advanced student may even drop out.

Then again even if both the students finish the yoga course. What happens after they get their certificates? Well both may embark on completely different life paths from there. No one knows what they'll chose except themselves. One may continue to further pursue yoga immediately. Another may chose to have a break and take it up at a later date. Another may never pursue it again and chose to go on a completely different path altogether.

The point being made here is that:
Our life's lessons are different from anybody else's and even if they happen to be similar then we don't necessarily learn them at the same time or in the same order.

To summarize this section it can be said that in the experience of life:

  1. We are all individual.
  2. Everyone has equal opportunity.
  3. There are no guarantees that everyone will learn the lessons they started out to learn.
  4. Everyone will have different degrees of difficulty in learning their lessons.
  5. Our life's lessons are different from anybody else's and even if they happen to be similar then we don't necessarily learn them at the same time or in the same order.

If we're all individual and there are no guarantees of results in life as explained above then there are no guarantees as to the results of applying the principles in this book. I'm just like the yoga teacher who's offering a course. It's available to all. But I cannot guarantee that all will finish it.

You see I believe in being very realistic in life. To say that if you do so and so then you will achieve so and so is a gross oversimplification and very unrealistic. I therefore cannot make these claims. Things do change in life and sometimes very quickly and radically. Please always keep this in mind as you go through the book.

By the way I'm not trying to put you off in any by way mentioning these things. Just be aware of the many other influences that effect us continually. You never know what's around the corner. So go for it then. Give it your totality. Enjoy it. You'll be guaranteed an illuminating journey beyond your wildest dreams.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • Transform your life.
  • Have the things in your life you really want.
  • Have more love in your life.
  • Develop your inner creativity.
  • Have the money you need to do what you desire.
  • Discover your true purpose.
  • Reach your true potential and experience real meaning, fulfillment and happiness in your life.

Sound too good to be true? Well this all depends on how you've reacted to the above statements. Let me ask you some questions.

  • Do you believe that we can change our life?
  • Do you believe that we don't have to put up with any situation in life that we don't like?
  • Do you believe that we need not be a slave to any condition outside of ourselves?
  • Do you believe that we can be free, master all aspects of our life and go past any limitation to attain heights beyond our wildest dreams?

If you've answered NO to these questions, then read no further. This book is not for you.

However, if a small voice within you has said MAYBE, then I invite you to look over the material. You are bound to find something of value that will boost your inspiration and enthusiasm in life.v

If you have answered a resounding YES, then this book most certainly is for you. It will disclose to you, how in fact, you can manifest whatever you could possibly want in life.

Yes we can have it all. We can transform our life. It is just a matter of understanding a few basic principles and then putting them into practice. Within these pages is shown how to do this. Are you ready then? Let's go on a life changing journey.

Chapter 2 - Universal Law

I ask you now to just relax for a moment. Take a few deep breaths and try to take your thoughts away from your everyday reality. We're about to embark on a journey with our imagination. Since imagination will play a vital part in what is to follow, let's start to use it right now. So put aside for a while all the little things that would normally preoccupy your day to day life. Take your thoughts a little outside yourself.

Imagine it is a beautifully clear evening. A myriad of stars twinkles overhead. Look up into the night sky and ponder the meaning of the vast Universe you see spread out in all its glory before you. What do you feel? Well I think all of us have at some time or other experienced a feeling of awe at the immensity of the cosmos that we live in.

Since the beginning of time people have asked themselves questions such as, "What does it mean?", "How does it work?", "Where do we fit in the scheme of things?" I will not attempt to answer these questions since they are really beyond the scope of this little book.

What is important to understand though, is that whether we like to think so or not, The Universe does in fact operate according to very precise and exact laws.

There is a Supreme Creative Intelligence behind all things.

Yes it is indeed true that everything functions with a certain harmony and obeys natural laws that stagger our human senses. We may not always understand how the Universe works. Nevertheless it does obey Natural Laws and if you can just know and grasp this one point, then you are well on your way to achieving mastery in your life and creating what you could only dream of before.

Now I know that not everybody is ready to accept this concept of Natural Laws. There are many in the world today who believe they're beyond all laws. All the best to them. But this is far from the truth. I'll illustrate the point with an example.

Once again gaze up at the sky and look at the solar system. You know that the planet we live on is called Earth. It belongs to a Solar body comprising of nine planets. And all these planets revolve around a central star we call the Sun.

Think about it for a moment and try to imagine what it would be like if there were no laws that governed the motions of the planets. How would it be if every planet just moved randomly and haphazardly around irrespective of anything else? I think you'd agree that this would be a bit of a chaotic situation.

For a start you'd never be sure whether a new day would ever be seen again. There might be planets crashing into other planets and a major cosmic disaster might arise. We'd probably be very lucky to still be in existence over these billions of years.

Instead we sense there is a beautiful majesty in our planetary system. There is a perfect exactness in the motion of the planets. Universal Laws are in operation to ensure the continuous, harmonious operation of our Solar System so that it fulfils its Divine purpose. Again we may not understand these Laws or how they operate, but I think it is fairly obvious that such Laws must exist.

It can then be said that all life in space conforms to Natural Law. Now our planet Earth is simply a part of life in space. Therefore it stands to reason that life on Earth must obey certain Natural Laws as well. And the continued survival of life on Earth depends directly on how closely it follows the Natural Laws that govern it.

Take as another example the case of a plant or a flower. One law is that the plant requires a certain amount of water for its survival. When it gets adequate water as well as its other needs, it will survive and fulfil its natural destiny.

But what happens if the plant is deprived of water? It will simply die. In other words, the plant will perish if the Laws which direct its growth are not strictly adhered to.

Let's consider a final example. Say we want to grow a fruit tree. What must we do to ensure that the tree will produce an abundance of juicy, high quality fruit? Well, we'd have to know the requirements of our tree.

The things to be considered would perhaps be soil type, growing location, amount of water, correct nutrients, love and care etc. And if we supply all the necessary requirements of the tree then we'd be sure of plenty of good fruit.

On the other hand say we were ignorant of the tree's needs. We planted it in the wrong location, gave it inferior fertilizer and generally neglected it. Well our final fruit would most likely be of poor quality, if the tree even managed to survive at all.

The point then that I am making, is that in fact the tree needs specific requirements. It must obey Natural Laws and only by supplying all the necessary things in correct proportions are we ensured of good fruit. So if we desire the best fruit, we must first learn and know the Laws which govern the growth of the tree. And next we must put these Laws into action.

Now let us take human beings. Consider ourselves. Following the same logic, just as a tree is part of life on Earth, we too must be a part of the same life also. And just as all life in the Universe must obey certain laws for the fulfilment of its purpose, then we too, if we desire freedom, must learn and apply the natural Laws that will give us the ability to create what we desire.

We are somewhat complex beings. To explain all the laws that govern our entire existence would take lifetimes. As I'm only concerned here with presenting the Laws of Manifestation, I will not attempt to delve into the other Spiritual Laws. But remember the statement "as above so below". In other words everything in the Universe is in some way a reflection of everything else.

If you can comprehend what is dealt with here, you are well on the way to understanding the higher laws. The points touched on here are a gateway to the higher wisdom. They are in fact relevant and very needed in all aspects of our life. Go steady then. Learn well. Your life is starting to transform.

Chapter 3 - Our True Nature

Take an honest look at your life. What is it that you would like changed? What are the things that you wish to create in your life? After all, if you were totally happy with your present situation and had all the things you desired, then there would be little need for reading this book. But since you've come this far, there must be some changes that you wish to manifest.

  • Do you want a new car?
  • How about a home?
  • Would you like a new, more rewarding career?
  • Do you want to manifest some money?
  • Do you feel that you have a deep, hidden talent, that is awaiting expression but just don't know how to get it out?
  • Are there some personal qualities that you would like to develop?
  • Would you like to meet the perfect partner?
  • Do you need more self discipline?
  • Does love elude you?

The list could go on and on.

Just have a think on some of the things I have mentioned here. In other words contemplate on what it is that you really want in life, take your time and try to search deep within your being. This will be important later on. But at this stage all we need to know is that We can change unhappy situations in our life and create the things that we desire

We can do this with our imagination so dream on.

Before the truth of the above paragraph can be grasped, some insight into the real nature of ourselves is needed. I will present this in an orderly manner by explaining some important laws which apply to people in general.

Now is the time to introduce a very important Law of Manifestation. In fact it is probably the most important Law that we need to understand. Everything else will naturally flow from this one Law. Simply stated, the Law is this:

  • "I create my own world".
  • "You create your own world"
  • "We create our own world"

Yes indeed we do create our own world. And by "world" I'm simply referring to the conditions and circumstances in our life. I do not mean that we have created the Pacific Ocean or Mt. Everest. This may not at present be obvious, but it will become so as you progress further with this work.

In all truth, everything that has ever happened in our life we have in some way created. This may have been either intentionally or unintentionally. Consciously or unconsciously and right now we are creating our future. Sounds absurd? Maybe so, but as sure as water flows downhill, this is the truth.

It is a very touchy point that many find hard to accept. But it's understanding lies at the very heart of this work. We tend to believe that we are simply the innocent bystanders of life. We think that we are forever at the mercy of forces beyond our control. When we find ourselves in a negative or undesirable situation, we think that somehow we have been victims and punished for something we do not deserve. And our general attitude is " Why me?"

When we see someone who we think is not worthy become a smashing success, we tend to attribute it to luck. And we continue to wallow in our misery, forever believing that we have no hope because the chips are against us.

But when we succeed at something, then we find no hesitation in quickly praising ourselves for our great achievement. We're quick to take the credit. In other words we acknowledge that it is our efforts and abilities that have brought our success. So now what has happened to those chips that were forever stacked against us? They have, by some miracle all of a sudden disappeared.

So life goes on. We praise ourselves for our good achievements but refuse to take responsibility for our actions when things go wrong. This is how many of us spend our entire existence. We seem to be always blown around in the wind at its mercy, cursing existence when we fall into a pit but praising ourselves when we happen to land in an oasis.

Can you see the folly of such an approach? How can we ever hope to become masters of our destiny when we deep down believe that at any time we can be struck down out of the blue by some unforseen hostile force? The point being made here is extremely subtle and correlates with the previous chapter on Universal Law.

Perhaps the person who seems to be blown about like chaff in the wind is simply ignorant of certain aspects of Divine Law? What then, is the solution? The answer is simple and that is to understand and apply the Laws that govern our existence. This is the approach of the wise being. When things go wrong, he does not blame existence.

He simply accepts full responsibility for his behaviour, recognises that somewhere he has made a mistake and in humility asks the Universe to show him where he went wrong. In this way he is assured of not making the same mistake again.

There is a perfection in this approach that is beyond words. When we recognises this principle, we jump for joy. Isn't it beautiful to know that we're not a defenceless prey to outside forces? Isn't it wonderful to take full responsibility for our actions and know that the reason for failure was only inadequate knowledge of the Laws that we're subject to?

Because now we're aware that we can retrace our steps, correct our mistakes by real knowledge and shape our future to exactly what we desire. This is true forgiveness and the only real freedom. Existence has never been unkind to us. We only thought it was. With the recognition of this truth comes a massive turning point in one's life. It is the seed of our liberation.

Just how do we create conditions in our life? Very simply,

We create our life by what we believe.

I've already hinted at this. Everything that we've ever manifested is a product of our belief system. This applies not only to the material things in our life but also to our personality traits as well. Let us take a few examples:

  • Believe you are poor and you will most likely never have wealth.
  • Believe you are sick and you will probably never have good health.
  • Believe you will never get a job and you will remain unemployed.
  • Believe you can become a musician and you will learn to play music.
  • Believe you are a success and you will succeed.

So the first step in creating our new life is believing we can.

Because if we believe we can't then most likely we never will and we're lost before we even start. But just how do our beliefs create our world? Keep reading and wonders will be revealed.

Well, now we've come a step further. We can formulate another important Law. It is really an extension of the previous one. It can be stated as:

"I create my world by my beliefs"

This may sound ridiculous. Or I may be overstating the obvious to some. But it is imperative that we fully understand this Law by knowing exactly how our beliefs create our world. To see how this Law actually works some understanding of our true spiritual nature is necessary.

Chapter 4 - The hidden Self

Ask yourself these questions. Who am I? What am I? What is my purpose? People have always pondered the meaning of their existence. There are those who have been fortunate enough to find the answers. Many have not and are still searching.

Since my intention here is only to present the Laws of manifestation so that we can create the reality we desire, I will not dwell at length on the above questions. What I will do however, is formulate a model of ourselves so we can better understand our inner workings.

This is essential for the comprehension of what is to follow. Remember though, that it is just a model and somewhat simplified. But it is a vital start on the right track and will help us understand the higher Laws when we're ready. With that in mind, let's continue.

Without getting too esoteric, I will simply say that there is much more to us than meets the eye. There is more to our makeup than just our physical body. Consider this:

You are walking on the street and happen to trip over perhaps accidentally hurting your foot. You bump into a friend and he ask you, "How are you?" You reply, I have a sore foot". But who in fact is the "I" that has the sore foot? Think about this.

Or you have been working very hard and someone asks you the same question. You reply, "I have a splitting headache". but who is the "I" that has developed the headache?

You see a beautiful woman across the road and you exclaim," Wow, she has a great body". But who is the "she" that has the body?

So you see that we are more than just a body.

Our body is a part of us but is not all there is of us.

When you think about it you notice that even our everyday language indicates this. Indeed we are more complex than first appears.

I will go a bit further with this. Say you've just been involved in a love affair. Perhaps it is over and you are a bit worse for wear. Somebody asks you how you are and you reply, "My feelings are hurt" or "My emotions are in a mess". But who is the "I" whose emotions are upset or whose feelings are hurt?

vFollowing the same reasoning, we can see that

Our emotions are part of us also but there is more to us than only our emotions.

Finally, say you've been trying to solve a difficult problem for a while and seem to be getting nowhere. A friend asks, "How is it going?" you reply, "I need a rest. My mind is a blank". Once again, who is the "I" that has a mind? So therefore it can be said that you must have a mind.

Our mind is a part of us. But we are more than just a mind.

Well now we've come to a major breakthrough in understanding our true nature or hidden self. We have come to these profound realisations:

  • We possess: a body
  • We possess: emotions
  • We possess: a mind

But none of these is yet the real us. They are merely elements of ourselves that go towards our total makeup. However, the question still remains unanswered, "Who are we?" Well believe it or not we are getting closer.

We also now know the Law that we create your reality by our beliefs. So our beliefs are another part of ourselves. Research has shown us that our deep beliefs actually have their home in the subconscious mind.

Therefore our subconscious mind is another aspect of our makeup.

This is that vast area of ourselves, that for the most part we know very little about. But it is probably the single most important factor in determining our overall state of existence. This then is another important aspect of ourselves.

Just one little more extension on this theme. A lot f religions, talk about that when we die "our Soul goes to heaven" or somewhere else or wherever. Where it goes does not matter here but again think what is being said by a phrase such as this. If my Soul goes to so and so then this really implies that I am something different to my Soul. That I have a Soul.

Well if I have a Soul then who is the I who has the Soul? Who am I and what is my Soul?

It's all bit confusing isn't it? And this last little point certainly does not get us any closer to an understanding of who we are.

Alright, by now we can see four essential sides of ourselves. All that now remains is to get an answer to our original question. Listen carefully as you find out who we really are.

It is then no surprise that from time immemorial, philosophers, mystics, saints and sages have indicated that we are essentially Spiritual beings. And this spiritual side of ourselves is actually our true reality. For the sake of this treatise, let's call this real self Soul.

If this real self is Soul the I suggest a slight change in perception and simply see ourselves as Soul. It can then be said that in all truth

We are Soul.

Yes Soul is in fact what we really are, that deep hidden part of ourselves that we've been trying so long to find and if Soul is our reality, then our puzzle all starts to fit into place. Therefore we can say that, Soul has:

  • a physical body
  • emotions
  • a mind
  • a subconscious mind

Now for the sake of avoiding confusion and for further clarity, I'd like to redefine some of the terms that I've used to describe our makeup. From now on then, I will call the emotions by the term "Emotional Body". I will call the mind, the "Mental Body". And I will call the subconscious mind, the "Etheric Body".

Now we can rewrite our model of ourselves as:

Soul (you) has a:

  • Physical Body
  • Emotional Body
  • Mental Body
  • Etheric Body

You might at this stage ask the question, "What is Soul?" Well that one you will have to work out for yourself. Suffice to say that Soul is the real you. Our higher self. Our God self. Whatever we want to call it is not important. I'm simply describing certain attributes of Soul. The rest you will find out for yourself. This is because real joy only comes when we do things ourselves. And by revealing too much, too soon, a great deal of the value of this book would be lost.

You see somebody might tell us in great detail, how to paint a picture for instance, but we will never learn to paint unless we actually do it ourselves and practice. The same applies to all things in life. Working it out for ourselves leads to real knowing whereas being told only gives us a theoretical knowledge. True we need the theory to begin with, but then we can let it go when we become the Knower. I will leave the question of Soul to you.

I'll just say that Soul has been given life by the Creator of the Universe to reflect Itself.

It is the Divine spark of consciousness, that by knowing the Laws of the Universe can in fact reflect all the qualities of Its Creator.

In essence It is potentially unlimited but It has to learn how to become without limits, or free. And this is actually part of our purpose on Earth. To learn to become totally free. Spiritual liberation is another term for the same thing.

Chapter 5 - It's All Up to Us

Now how do we become free? We become free by learning the laws of freedom. By the way, I am using the word freedom to mean having the choice to live our life however we want to. If we happen to live our life in a cave in the wilderness and this is our choice, then we are free. If we manifest wealth by choice, we are also free.

Freedom is simply being able to do what we want when we want to. If we are honest with ourselves, I think you'll agree that there are not many people around who have attained this state.

Our present situation can be likened to having been blindfolded and placed in a maze to see if we can find our way out. Only the correct path will lead to our freedom. And only we can find the correct way out. But we are by no means helpless because we have been mercifully given certain tools, which if used correctly, will lead us rapidly to the exit.

If however, we misuse the tools we've been given, either ignorantly or intentionally, then most likely we'll end up in some dead end and become lost. And we'll remain lost until one day our yearning for freedom becomes so great that we decide we really want to find the way out.

We then come to the point when we realize that the only way out is to learn how to use those marvellous tools we were given in the first place. We may have to retrace many a step, but it will be worth it because then we know that our freedom is guaranteed.

Or to use another analogy. Imagine we are the driver of a vehicle and are embarking on a long journey. If we are to successfully reach our destination, then we simply must learn the laws which govern our vehicle. For example we have to know what type of fuel it takes, when to change the oil, correct tyre pressure etc. and most importantly we have to know how to drive. So if we do all of these things that are required, we will safely and efficiently reach our goal. But if we even neglect one aspect then our progress will be slowed.

If, for instance, we over or under inflate our tyres, the journey will take longer and cost more due to frequent replacement of blowouts. If we use the wrong oil or fill the tank with incorrect fuel, then our engine life will be reduced and our progress will be retarded also. We might still get there, but not without unnecessary delays that we could have avoided had we the foresight. I think you see what I mean.

The important thing to note is that

We are in the driver's seat

We have been given full control of our vehicle (tool). And depending on how well we comply with the requirements of our vehicle, will determine how efficiently we will complete the journey.

So it is all up to us

And we are Soul

Chapter 6 - Realizing Our Potential

Well where is all this heading for? It is leading us to a more complete knowledge of our real makeup, so we'll readily be able to see exactly how we can create the things we want in our life. Because if we do not know ourselves, if we do not know who we are, then how can we possibly ever expect to manifest anything?

Not knowing who we are or what we're made up of, is like getting in a car and not knowing where the controls are. How would we be hopping in a vehicle if we did not know where the gearstick or brake was located? Or where the steering wheel is? It is obvious we would not get very far.

I'm using analogies such as these for a very good reason. We learn better when we're given examples with which we can easily identify as opposed to straight theoretical knowledge. Something like a vehicle is an item we all use in our everyday life and as such is very tangible. In this way we can gain a better perspective of our reality.

If we're exposed too soon to abstract concepts such as our other Bodies, then it is possible we might find these ideas too far fetched and lose interest. But now we're on firm footing so let us go on. Very soon it will be clear what I am getting at and we'll actually be able to picture just how our imagination can become a reality.

Let's now go back to the model of ourselves. We know that we are Soul. And also that we possess four Bodies that I have talked about. These are the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Etheric bodies. Believe it or not, these four bodies are actually our tools for our existence on Earth.

In other words, the Creator has given us these tools so that we can obtain our freedom by learning how to use them. Each of these bodies has its own individual set of laws and only by flowing with these Laws can we reach our unlimited potential.

Just as we need to picture a car before we can drive it, we need to build up a picture of ourselves before we can attempt to change it. This is exactly what is being done here. The important thing to remember, as mentioned before, is that Our true self is Spiritual in nature. We are Soul. And as Soul, that Divine spark of Creation, we have potentially all the attributes of our Creator.

Now one of the qualities of the Creator of the Universe is that It must have infinite knowledge. If this is the case and we potentially have all the attributes of our Creator, then as Soul, we must also have access to infinite knowledge. Yes we are indeed unlimited in the knowledge that is available to us. And if we are unlimited, then we must be potentially free.

It's like having access to an endless warehouse. Imagine a store room which has an unlimited supply of whatever it is that we want. It is all there for our taking. All we need to know is how to open up the channels that connect us to it, so the Abundance just pours in. This is in fact our reality.

The only reason that we do not see this, is that we may not yet fully understand who we really are. And because of this we're viewing ourselves with limited vision. In other words our Higher vision is blocked. And if this Higher vision is blocked, then we're shutting out our potential Abundance, which is in fact our birthright.

What we must do then, is take the sleep out of our eyes. Unblock our vision and all Wisdom is available to us. This is the ultimate purpose of the book.

Chapter 7 - Forming a Picture

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What a wonderful book. Direct and to the point. Some might find it difficult to grasp, but for me it was just the right thing at the right time. Devine intervention so to speak.
Michaela B.