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On this page we'll answer some common questions about our E-Books.

How do I view the EBook?

Our ebooks come in pdf format and you will need a pdf viewer. We are currently woking on other formats for kindle etc.

What are the system requirements for viewing the EBooks?

Any system that can view pdfs will be able to view our ebooks.

Please make sure you have the latest pdf reader installed before attempting to download!

Please note that the rest of the Ebook information on this page deals with our Full Version EBooks.

How do I buy an EBook?

You can buy our EBooks directly from our website.

Click Here to go to our Orders page.

You can also purchase our ebooks at the Wellbeing Marketplace

How does the EBook ordering system work?

Basically our ebook ordering system works like this:

1. You make the purchase through our secure online ordering system.

2. You get a confirmation email about your purchase. Make sure that our domain is whitelisted so our emails do not land in your spam folder.

3. When the transaction is complete you will receive an email with full instructions on how to download and access the EBook.

Should you not get your downloadlink within a few hours of purchase, please contact us.

What format do the EBooks come in?

Our EBooks come in pdf format and you need the latest version of the pdf viewer to download your ebook. We are working on other versions for different ebook readers at the moment.

How do I access the contents of the downloaded EBook?

To access the EBook itself you can do one of two things. i.e.

1. Double click on the Ebook file itself. This will launch your pdf viewer.

2. Or open the pdf viewer and go to File/Open. Then point it to the location of the Ebook file you downloaded.

Why do I need to register my EBook to view it?

We put a lot of work into our Ebooks and distribution system. So we want to protect them from potential piracy and know how many are in circulation. There is nothing worse than an author spending a lot of time and energy creating a masterpiece only to find that someone has copied it and is illegally distributing it elsewhere.

Registration allows us to keep track of all Ebooks sold or freely downloaded. Our system protects the Ebooks and ensures that the author's precious work is not being illegally copied.

What if I'm a registered user and my computer crashes?

We realize things like this can happen. We recommend to make a back up of your ebook pdf for such cases. So you will not have to purchase another copy.

Can I print the EBook?


Do I always need to be connected to the Internet to view the EBook?


What if I loose my EBook, do I get a replacement?

No, it is your responsibility to keep it in a safe place, just like a real book.

If you lose it you have to buy a new one.

Purchase EBooks as Gifts

An E-Book is a great thing to Give!

If you would like to purchase an Ebook as a gift the process is simple. All you do is Go to our orders page and make a normal purchase as if it was for yourself.

After the order is complete you will receive an order confirmation email as well as a separate email with full instructions for downloading the ebook.

You can then just forward the email with the download instructions to the gift recipient.

This email will contain all the instructions necessary for the person to download and access the Ebook as if they'd made the order themselves.