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Transform Your Life
Manual for survival. Keys to freedom. Infinite wisdom eternal. How to master your life
Ebook by Marek Gold
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shows you how to experience the divine in the world in simple ways by being very present. EBook by Gina Lake, Nirmala's wife

Infinite Being

many find themselves disillusioned and dissatisfied with their everyday existence and wonder to whom they can turn for enlightenment. EBook by Barry Lovelock

The Key

This book contains: what your parents never tell you; what the CIA don't want you to know; why big company's control major newspapers; what religions are hiding from you....
EBook by Ivon Boys

Interview with Gods

In a world connected by internet and degraded by human's irresponsible exploitation, a new hope arises, when the destines of an ecologists' group and a national security agency unexpectedly intersect. EBook by Ivan Cavalcanti

Golden Percepts in other words

The Golden Precepts was transcribed in 1934 by Aura May Hollen. Its purpose is, “ . . . to be the foundation for a philosophy that offers to the thinking mind the truth for universal understanding . . . that includes all and denies none.” (Oracle 13, p. 42)