new ageNew Age

Well what exactly is the New Age? Yes it's a term used a lot these days. It has almost become a religion in in its own right. To me it simply means a new world that the planet is growing into due to the new state of consciousness that people are coming into.

When people's consciousness shifts it's only natural that the world around us shifts also. As old belief systems dissolve new ones take their place. In this way the whole world changes.

This is what is happening in the world today. Despite all outer appearances. A New Age is coming. It's our choice then whether we wish to see it or not.

To see it we must keep pace with the changes by uplifting and expanding our consciousness. Letting the old go and making way for the new.

Which world do you want to be a part of?

Use whatever can help you to come into this New Age Consciousness and therefore help us co create Heaven on Earth which is our Divine Estate, our True Reality.