ultimate yogaUltimate Yoga, Technology of the new Transformation

EBook by Mike Raduga

Historical artifacts dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization (3300-1700 BCE) indicate that the main goal of yoga was raising one's level of conscious awareness.

The body has always been one of the auxiliary tools for achieving this goal. No matter which branch of ancient Eastern Civilizations you study, a single supreme practice always lies at the heart, one either locked behind seven seals or necessitating decades of preparation.
Its goal is to release the conscious awareness from the confines of the physical body. It is sometimes referred to as the eighth and highest level of yoga - the state of samadhi, or dream yoga.

Why did ancient peoples pursue it, and why do modern high-level yogis practice still practice it?
It may be shocking to learn, but they believe this practice to be a way to train for... the process of dying.
They believe that before another senseless reincarnation after physical death, we find ourselves in a special intermediate state - sidqai bardo. However, we are usually unable to maintain conscious awareness during it, and this is the main reason why we find ourselves on Earth once again in a new incarnation.
Thus, if over the course of a lifetime one practices consciously separating the mind from the body while still preserving full awareness of one's surroundings, this will facilitate control of the process after death and finally stop the cycle of rebirth, allowing one to reunite with the universe.

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