the keyThe Key

EBook by Ivon Boys

Since the universe is self-programmed, therefore, any form of life can be programmed and self-programmed under the automatism of the primal principle which is responsible for the presence of the universe.

This book contains: what your parents never tell you; what the CIA don't want you to know; why big company's control major newspapers; what religions are hiding from you.... this is an apocalyptic book ... in all innocence.

This research is what scientists desperately are seeking for. Any students would become genius by reading the finds contain in this research!

The thinker, whose mind is alive, will have pleasure to read this book, but the zombie, that mechanical puppet, who only exist with the impression of thinking will turn away from this document because his mind is dead.

This book is the beginning of the judging of the living and the dead minds ... one step away from apocalypse.

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