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EBook By Tom Von Deck

A free deeper meditation Training Course.

This meditation manual may be considered “unique” by many people. This work revolves around the “Integrative Tuning” (IT) approach to meditation training, sometimes known as “Monkey fusion” depending on mood.

In IT, we are tuning ourselves on every level of being in preparation for deep meditation. This is not a specific technique being taught here. You will definitely learn some techniques in this program. However, IT is an “approach” that is compatible with all spiritual and stress reduction techniques. Therefore, IT is for the beginning student of meditation/Yoga who wishes to learn a technique as well as the advanced student who has already found a compatible practice.

The process of IT begins with the “7+1 Tuning Method”, a personalized warm-up program which works with all aspects of one’s “matter and energy” - muscles, energy, nature, intellect, imagination, emotions and breath – from gross (physical) to fine (internal activity and breath). Tuning yourself for deep meditation does not strictly involve warm-up workouts just prior to meditation. IT offers a complete method of integrating both this tuning process and meditation into everyday activity.

IT is neither secular nor religious. However, IT is as secular or religious as the individual who practices this strategy.

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