gifts with no giverGolden Percepts in other words

From The Book of Life, Embodying the Wisdom of the Eternal Ages
EBook, Originally Transcribed By AURA MAY HOLLEN

The Golden Precepts was transcribed in 1934 by Aura May Hollen. Its purpose is, “ . . . to be the foundation for a philosophy that offers to the thinking mind the truth for universal understanding . . . that includes all and denies none.” (Oracle 13, p. 42)
Its 95 Oracles thoroughly discuss the intriguing relationship between the Supreme God, creation, Jesus, the intermediary Community of Divine Beings, personal Spirit, soul, mind, thought, and brain.
The Law is the all-powerful, Supreme Will of the Supreme Intelligence. Many of the laws that
implement and sustain creation are included and explained in this book. These describe the
relationship between the Creator and humans, and are intended to increase understanding,
holistic cooperation, and unity. In summary, within the Law you are and within the Word you are sustained.

The sentence structure and language of the original text is challenging. Many read it without
mining its riches. This book is written IN OTHER WORDS so that the message may be understood and lived by more people in today’s world. It is a gift given to you. Read. Learn. Grow. Be fulfilled in peace and joy.

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