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Webspirit EBooks are about the expansion of consciousness, an invaluable place for the sharing of Eternal Infinite Wisdom to aid personal growth. The truth of who we are, what we are and our purpose in this vast cosmos.

ebooksThis is the Information New Age and what better way to deliver than free EBook downloads! On this website we publish anything we feel that is life enhancing so you'll find all sorts of wonderful things and many surprises. Inspirational new age, spiritual growth, personal growth and how to writings. Alternative medicine, meditation as well as how to build cleansing equipment like a colema board and colonic machine, or music instruments like bamboo flutes.

Our catalogue is forever expanding !

If you are interested in healing yourself in body, mind or spirit, you will find interesting and unusual information on this and related sites. Some of this might be to far out for you which is the best place to start to extend your comfort zone and expand out into infinite possibilities.

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