how to find a billionaireHow to Find A Billionaire

EBook by Gloria Gold

This story takes you on a journey of a women who sets out to find a billionaire.

Will money bring her happiness? What happens on her journey? Learn from her adventures how you can find a Billionaire.

Based on one woman's life long search for love, wealth and happiness.

This book is written in dual language English and German

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What Other Readers Think

"Hilarious, well worth the money for a laugh on the lighter side of life."
David R. from Bearclawmedia

"I opened the book and couldn't stop reading. Gloria it is fabulous! So heart felt and honest. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!"
Cheryl C. from Financially Savvy Women

"Delightful, fun to read. My coffee went cold as I did not want to get up from the computer until I reached the end."
Anna Brisbane Australia